Long Island Road Warriors Magazine


Long Island Road Warriors magazine has been produced by Write Hand Media & Marketing (WHMM) since it was launched in 2017. This quarterly publication was designed to serve as a high quality trade magazine for an advocacy organization looking to expand their audience and raise their profile with industry stakeholders and elected officials.

Industry news is presented in the form of useful articles about relevant topics from the organizations’ member firms. We solicit unique feature articles from their government consultant as well as related non-profits and local politicians for additional content. The centerpiece of the magazine is an informative, human interest style story about our chosen cover subject, based on an interview which we outline and conduct with the individual. We also create a more lighthearted and informal Q & A piece which accompanies each cover story.

Write Hand Media & Marketing manages the entire design and development process of the magazine including: editorial calendar and subject matter, interview and lead story writing, cover photo/art direction, additional content creation and editing, ad design, complete magazine layout and design, mailing/subscriber lists and print production.