Our Success Depends On Yours

Since 2001, Promotional Insights has developed, designed and delivered hundreds of successful marketing projects and promotional campaigns for our clients. From creative conceptualization to program administration, Promotional Insights provides marketing intelligence and support for startups, non-profits and the Fortune 500. We deliver the products and services you need, to achieve the results you desire. When you need it done right—right now—contact Promotional Insights Inc.

Finding Your Voice

The key to successful copywriting is the same for a good relationship: understand that it's not simply a matter of WHAT you say, but rather, HOW you say it. We identify your audience then carefully craft your message in the appropriate voice.

A Style All Your Own

We believe good design is more than just "a pretty face". It's about developing a layout, look and style that serves a purpose, relays your message and elicits a favorable response from your audience.

Successful Solutions

To succeed, we combine smart strategies with cool creativity. Once a strategy is defined, we work to ensure your marketing campaign is executed, managed and fulfilled, on time and on budget.

"Her creativity coupled with her ability to think through a complex idea, both from a big picture point of view as well as tactically, would be an asset to any of her clients."

Amanda H.

"...LOVE IT! The team isn't sure how to tell you how great you are...."

Lawrence M.

"... your latest flyers were so well received by the team, including the execs."

Kelly R.
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